The Dying Oak

A Chance Meeting

A chance meeting in The Battered Hen, one of the “nicer” establishments in Domenicus Mountain, led three unlikely travellers to band together in the face of a crazed woman, screaming something about chickens and Kobolds. Most everybody with any sense immediately turned away, however, Dylan (a crazy knuckle-kissing, smooth talking, arm-wrestling Irishman) Henrik (a large, lute wielding Scandinavian fellow) and the Blessed Brother Jupiter (more frog than man, and more cleric than most frogs) being adventurers all thought it would be a grand idea to follow this twisted sister and recover her stolen chickens from said beasties. For payment they were promised a bag of tea.

And thus they set off into the wilderness, travelling for hours deeper and deeper into the forest and undergrowth that skirts Domenicus Mountain Town until finally Henrik’s keen ears heard a rustling up ahead. His eyes were not however, quick enough, and a stone was launched from a sling, striking him with deadly force between his eyes. The combat that in sued between our three hero’s and the Kobolds was over fairly quickly. Dylan, wielding the powerful sleep spell floored his opponents quickly, leaving Brother Jupiter and Henrik to quickly disembowel them – the sight of which led to one of the Kobolds fleeing in terror. Yet, the hero’s did not escape unharmed… Brother Jupiter stepped into a primitive claw trap, the pitiful spikes however snapped when meeting with his rubber skin, and Dylan was the victim of a savage attack – quite nearly killing the poor man. But, being heroes, they continued, tracking the sound of clucking chickens, and the final Kobold. They followed the sound to an abandoned mine at the bottom of which sat a Kobold child and the missing chickens. Having dodged the traps that lined the floor, the party walked down into the cavity, the foolish Kobold child tried to surprise them, and Dylan (well to be kind, he did roll very well) unfortunately killed it instead of suppressing it.

Once at the bottom of the cavern, the party also discovered a hole in the roof, leading to another cavern. A light infused rock was then thrown into the space, and was promptly thrown back – much to their surprise, and then came the cursing. Oh what cursing these ears have never heard, as a small, angry Irishmen by the name of Possum Jenkins emerged from the hole to the disturbing site of three men, holding a large quantity of sleeping chickens, standing next to a dead Kobold child. He was most upset. But, he did however, decide to join them back to town so that he may chastise the twisted sister – a lady whom he had had some sort of relations with in the past.

That night, having returned the chickens and taken their tea (which they discovered to be a magical remedy for enduring the elements) they returned to The Battered Hen and Henrik told the most amazing story of they adventure, the lute twanged beautifully, and the crowd roared with excitement. The barkeep gave them free lodging, and the final hero approached them.Fish MannsonĂ¼rin (a man raised by elves, and wielding a most spectacular blade) approaches the party with arms laden with beer. He is of course greeted well, and thus he sits with them and they begin to talk the night away. But where did they go from here you ask? Well, a part of the story that has been left out so far is the Tournament.

For weeks there have been fliers floating around Crasp talking about some Tournament and heroes, no one really knows anything, but these five travellers are dying to find out. So the next few days saw the adventurers honing their skills at the training ground and observing all around them until finally the morning came! They all lined up, though some were there at a more eager time than others, and the announcement was made by the mayor that the town was in crises, and that he needed heroes to help him. Trials had been set up to test each ability, and the contestants had to pick their best two to compete with. There was some breaking of boards, some sneaking, some charming, a little hide and seek, and a memory game that bored the hell out of the far too intelligent Possum Jenkin’s. There was also a remarkable display of kindness shown by Fish, which meant that Henrik could continue to the end. Having all succeeded with the trials the party was required to perform one last task – a gladiatorial combat against other likely heroes. Some of the battles were over much faster than others, and some unseen forces kept the heroes alive and healthy despite devastating blows, and badly thrown bombs…. there was one notable combat however, that everyone seemed to remember being amazing, despite being boring as anything, but Henrik had told them how good it really was, so it must have been, right?

And so, five brave heroes took their bows in front of the council and the rest of the arena, and were told to join the council the next day. And that is where we left it.


Nice, To adventure!

A Chance Meeting

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