The Dying Oak

Land Ahoy! It be Ragnarok

For many days and nights our noble adventurers travelled the sea. They battled the wind and waves, and at one point an escaped bear, but finally they have arrived at their destination. Ragnarok, that frozen land of mystery and intrigue, and the supposed resting place of their first item of power. They arrived at the dock in Amos’s somewhat beaten up ship, and were soon checked in and given the usual speech at Ragnarok’s customs, traditions, people, and festivals – a presentation which the party found somewhat boring, but they were made to endure it anyway! After this short episode Amos had asked the party to track down his brother and let him know that he was in town, they were instructed to go to the cartographer’s guild where they would find Daniel (the brother).

The adventures then, with a little bit of metagaming, decided that they would seek out the brother at this lovely guild and were greeted in a somewhat exuberant fashion by Chancellor Johns, a fairly excitable character wearing a three piece suit who just thought the world of all of them, and of their remarkable homeland of Crasp. He was sorry to say that he hadn’t seen Daniel in a time, and called in Daniel’s good friend Albert Simmins. Whilst they were waiting for this man, Possum couldn’t help but bring up the “watch” that Johns was currently looking at. He was somewhat fascinated by its ability to tell the time, Fish was less impressed saying that the stars worked just fine. Alas, Simmins walked in just the conversation began, and asked what the matter was. He seemed a little shaky at the mention of Daniel, and the party, with some swift sense motive rolls were less than impressed with his stories. They did however, procure Daniel’s address and said they would go and have a look for him – after they scoured the library that is.

But it was getting late, and the party had some shopping to do, so they hit the merchants, then found the tavern that Amos had suggested they visit The Speckled Hen. The party ate and drank, and paid, a strange concept given their recent promotion to the title of Hero, but mostly they waited till later to go and see Daniel. At close to nine o’clock they departed and headed off to see the gentleman in question. Having obtained a map of Duelest (the capital city of the region) they surmised that they could take a shortcut through some alleys. Not such a good idea in a big city. Within a few minutes of being down an alley they were ambushed by three not so very nice people. The battle was long and difficult, with much poisoning and some sneak attacks. All in all the party didn’t role very well, but still somehow managed to escape with only a few severed arteries and a little loot of course. Despite these injuries they ventured on and arrived at Daniel’s street, found his house – locked of course – and proceeded to form a plan.

possum took a stroll up the street and counted the houses on the way, then he turned and went down the alley that ran along the back of the street. Repeating the process he arrived at what he thought was the back of Daniel’s house, he looked around and saw a wagon down the street, and estimated that he had about three minutes. He had a go at the lock, no chance, so he moved back around and the party had another think. They noticed a window at the front, and thought that with a little acid they could burn away the wood, remove the glass, and gain entry to find Daniel. After some gentle persuasion the group decided not to try this while there were people around and so they went off for a drink. Fish decided to become the bouncer, he kicked a few people out, looked around for some evil folk, and kicked them out too. He inadvertently kicked Dylon out as well – he was just enjoying a quiet drink, he pleaded. But where was Possum he was brewing acid in a room upstairs. It was getting pretty late and the crew were getting tired, Fish procured some crazy spirit and was perked up significantly.

The party then retuned to Daniels house, and with a little acid, a little magic, a quick reflex check, and with a final tumble inside the group found themselves in the house. Possum also found out that the house was trapped – most unpleasant! They then searched the place from top to bottom, and used a little potion to help them find some hidden doors. They found evidence that Daniel was to leave for the Western regions, but also found his gear. They also found a ransom note – this seemed to add up – and they discovered a missing watch with the initials A.S on it. Having discovered Daniel’s secret study, and taken what was in it, the party decided to rest. After all, even adventurers need a little rest. Fish awoke early to enquire about some Ranger stuff, the other two slept, and slept well. They then decided to go back to Daniel’s secret study; they had discovered a cracked wall down there and wanted to inspect it closer. Possum being trained in the ways of engineering, smashed the wall and the party discovered a horrible horde of diseased, dog sized rats. They slew them all but contracted a horrible disease. They also found out that the burrow connected them to the landlady’s house, and they found a stash of loot. Unfortunately for fish he had a sudden moral awakening when overhearing that Daniel owed money for rent, so he had to give his share of it away.

The next day saw the party awake with blistered skin and dizziness. Unhappy, the party sought out a healer. One known as Xavier arrived, he looked pretty normal, and cured them. The payment was to be passed onto Amos – who happened to arrive a few hours later – incredibly pissed off and brandishing a sword. He claimed they had taken his brother, taking out a wanted poster and showing it to them. They were indeed all illustrated on there, and they had a bounty of 1000 gold pieces, really, really bad news. But they managed to talk some sense into good, old Amos, and so he accepted their help to find his brother. Now they are going to the address found on the bounty note, who knows what will happen next.



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