The Dying Oak

The link, a chink, two men in the drink!

The link, a chink, two men in the drink!

Our heroes were tasked with collecting some money for Amos so that he might pay the ransom of his brother

In this exciting episode our heroes were asked to collect some money for Amos so that he might pay the ransom of his brother. Tasked with three collections, the party set off to see a man named Schaffmore! A merchant of fine, although somewhat gaudy hats – get more, at schaffmore as they say. Having given him the ol’ stink eye, he proclaimed that he hadn’t the money – the quick thinking Fish devised a plan of advertising and promotion, spreading the word of Schaffmore throughout the city so that his business would improve enough to pay them. Whilst they waited for the fruit of their labor the party ventured off to see the second collection in the 4th circle. They travelled to an old, seemingly abandoned tanning warehouse in search of a man a man known as Cronus. They were greeted with hostility (once they found someone to be greeted by) and soon found themselves in a standoff with Cronus. With a quick perception check Fish spied the crossbow strapped to the bottom of Cronus’s desk. Fish was quick to act as the trigger was pulled, a bolt flew into Possum, and a sword flew into Cronus. The battle (as most of the others had been) was short but sweet, and thus the looting began. They searched the room and found a hidden compartment in the desk, stashed in which were two beautiful gems and a little gold. A quick appraisal by Possum left the party searching for an upmarket jeweller. Off to the first circle we go!

Julius the jeweller, a fitting name, was a man whom the party made quick relations with. He relieved them of the stones, and burdened them with two thousand gold (how unfortunate). They left him with the promise of meeting at The Club a week later, but now they had the third collection to attend to. Albert Sestin was the man they were after- they’d never heard of him but boy oh boy did he have a nice house. The first circle is reserved for these richy types, as, it is the circle that the palace and other official buildings are in. Not to get too sidetracked, the party approached the mansion of Sestin and were greeted by a guard who said they’d been expected. The party somewhat confused but playing it cool head up to the house, knocking thrice on the double oak doors a well dressed butler handed them a note and bid his farewell – promptly closing the door in their face. The note spoke of Eagle Eyes, 7th Stars and a Mr Slim, he apparently had the key to a chest filled with their reward, it also mentioned something about the body of Daniel Trask. The party, always keen for some loot, and glad to have more evidence in their case headed-off in search of this Mr Slim, the holder of the key – but first was the matter of the 7th start. They quickly deciphered that this was another name for Solarius, and that there was a tavern named after the star in the third circle. Away they went and after a bit of hocus pocus from Dylon found the barman to be a somewhat amicable chap who let them into Mr Eagle Eye’s room.

The door was locked so they broke in, naturally, and lo and behold there was a chest with a fairly substantial arcane lock on it. They took the chest and Fish had his dragon stay behind as a scout to see the supposed killer of Daniel. They waited in a room across the hall. Later that night they heard a scream, the dragon alerted them that someone was in the room and they dashed in to find a black clothed figure leaping from the window. Fish leaped elegantly from the tavern to the next roof, * Possum* however, had to be thrown across. Dylon assailed the figure with magic missiles and sleep. Fish notching an arrow caught the figure in the shoulder, but the figure pressed on. Taking but a moment to fire two poisoned bolts from inside his cloak. He jumped from the roof and into a crowd, Fish jumped from the roof, completely mistimed it and found himself hanging on to a gutter for dear life. The party pulled him up but had lost their mark!

The next night the party went forth the the black market in the fourth circle in search of Mr Eagle Eye. They had gathered some information a little earlier and found out that Eagle Eye was a Drow, and that the night market was where most of the shady characters throughout the city met. The night didn’t bring much except for a few stares, so the party abandoned the search and went fourth to their third collection the next day. Ithicus the money lender told them of a debt owed by Mr Slim – crime lord extraordinaire – but insisted that this money would never be returned. He mentioned that a certain individual by the name of Karlstrom had recently fallen from grace with the thieves guild and thus may be able to help gain entry to their establishment on Pig Skin Lane.

There were a few minor events that happened between the party gaining entry to the thieves guild, mostly Dylon charming the pants of people including nosey old women. However, I will jump to the gory bits and to the final segment of our session.

So there the party are, waiting in the underground hideout of the Thieves Guild, sitting before the guilds second in command who asks the party to relinquish the box of money that they acquired from Mr Eagle Eye’s room. The party not only refuses to play ball, but Fish begins to threaten the man – this doesn’t go so well and the hostilities increase. His unwavering heroism forces him to draw his great sword and begin hacking mightily at the second, Possum attempts to talk his way out of it despite the obvious battle taking place, and Dylon is working out how to escape.

A bell is rung and ten thieves emerge from a secret door and begin firing bolts all over the joint. Fish continues to hack at the man who eventually falls, however, Fish is pummelled by bolts and falls down in an agonising and quite dead heap.
That leaves two. Well, Possum and Dylon were already in the next room combating one or two thieves but there were a room full of others from whence they came. Quick thinking Possum drew forth an acid and melted the door lock preventing their imminent death. The two of them dashed upstairs and into daylight, but the sound of crashing doors didn’t inspire much confidence as ten thieves poured up the staircase and chased them through the streets.

Possum being but a wee man took his chances by throwing bombs around the place to get everyones attention in the hope he wouldn’t be killed. This didn’t work however, and he was struck down by a barrage of arrows. Dylon however, ran like the wind and after minutes of hot pursuit found himself in the third circle, his assailants still on his tail. I would like to say that this ended happily, but this is hardcore fantasy. Dylon was shot many, many times and did fall below the icy threshold of zero. But the town guard had seen it happen and chased the thieves away while one of them attended Dylon.

A week later Dylon awoke with no disguise, hauled up in a cell with two unlikely companions, awaiting trial for the murder of Daniel Trask. He had found himself in the Chink, while his two friends were floating down the drink, and all because of a deadly link.



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