The Dying Oak

Crasp - An introduction


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Your Journey begins here in your homeland of Crasp, a small mountainous island in the eastern reaches of central Bas-Tyra. The central and lower parts to the south-west of the island are covered by a light and mountainous pine forest, with some denser forests areas in the southern parts of the island, and the areas around Lake Crok and its river systems. These river systems connect to the ocean and so are often used by the smaller villages as a means of trading amongst themselves and travelling into the ocean for larger fish.

Lake Crok is occupied by the port of Tillious, a small trading port that brings resources from the surrounding islands and on occasion from the larger continents of the world. The port of Tillious because of their intercontinental connection, often does trade with the largest town on the island, the town of Dommenicus mountain. This is the town that you are now in.

The town of Dommenicus mountain is a small but welcoming community, those who travel from afar find the people here earner to provide for them, and in most cases want the new arrivals to stay. The actual population of the town is roughly 10,000 though this is stretched around the majority of the peak, so the larger outposts are somewhat less occupied. Perhaps it should be mentioned now that Dommenicus is not intact a mountain but an ancient volcano. It has been dormant for thousands of years though recently people have grown weary as there have been vibrations and rumblings that have started to worry them. Atop of this volcano stands the most notable feature of the island, the great Dommenicus Oak.Burned olive tree

This is a sacred and unique tree, it does not feed upon the earth as all others do, but rather draws its strength from the fire of the mountain itself. Its leaves glow a brilliant red that illuminate the night sky, its trunk too hot to touch, provides warmth at a hundred feet. It is believed, and truthfully so, that as long as the tree remains in bloom then the power of Dommenicus will be sapped, and the town – as well as the island – will remain safe. However, in the previous months the brilliance of its leaves has declined, and some have even begun to fall from its branches. If it was to fade entirely, it can only mean that Dommenicus would once again awaken.

As you can imagine, with Dommenicus mountain being virtually in the centre of the island, the town is not the easiest place to reach. A solid week or two is needed to reach the port of Tillious, and thus the town has always made do with the resources at hand. The housing is not lavish, but rather homely, with most places made from stone and wood, their interiors filled with lavish furs from the wildlife, but not much else in terms of creature comforts. Though this does not seem to bother its inhabitants, after all, you are one of them and you don’t seem that worried. It does however mean that commodities like steel and iron are harder to come by, and thus reserved for the richer and more eminent figures of the town. But don’t dismay, as there is never a shortage of wood. This is often a phrase that is thrown around, and one that is taken literally. Many of the houses are towering structures of several storeys and numerous rooms – scantily outfitted as they are.

But enough said already. Enter the world and see it for yourself. Welcome home adventurers.


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