The Dying Oak

The Story Begins!

Ah, being a hero has its advantages the party have found out. Free booze, free food, free accommodation, and for some, free women! Our noble Fish enjoyed a tasty meal at a reasonable bar with some new found friends which they insisted on buying, but was generous enough to pay for their drinks – which the barkeep insisted on paying for. Dylan did not go for meagre, but rather he enjoyed the finest luxuries at The Peak (perhaps the most notable restaurant in Domenicus) where he charmed – quite literally – the Maître’D and found himself in a private booth with some lovely ladies and an inexhaustible amount of Elfish wine – he later found himself in a paddock with the largest of said females, but counted himself lucky as he still had wine enough to drink through the pain. The Brother Jupiter and our Scandinavian friend Henrick did nothing worth mentioning, or perhaps they didn’t want to mention what they did, either way, they seemed fairly happy. Nevertheless, there was one amongst our heroes who did not enjoy the spoils of heroism! Possum instead found himself in a moral quandary, and thus sought solace at The Temple of All Gods where upon receiving some divine reckoning, promptly crept into the most disreputable, but empty bar, bought himself a hay stack, and went to bed without any joy at all – except of course for a little night-cap of some of the worst liquid he’d ever drunk in his life (but not the worst, that was, well, perhaps another time).

The next day was rather nice, Fish thought, as he ate his hero’s breakfast. However, a young girl who came careering in sobbing and wailing like a banshee soon changed that. She told an epic tale of woe, about an abusive father, and her kidnapped brother – something about gambling debts, something about drinking; it was all rather hard to follow. Regardless, Fish being Fish, while at the same time being a hero meant that he had little choice but to pursue the young girl and find out the whole story. She led him to The Broken Oak, a rather nice family bar, which he found out was shut. Rather odd, this is prime drinking time, he thought aloud. Speaking of which, he heard faint whispering inside – also odd for a place that is meant to be shut. So, he sent his little Pseudo dragon on a little errand to find out what was happening – the dragon was somewhat reticent at first, but was soon coaxed with the promise of pork and chive sausages. The beastie found a little perch close to the window and relayed something about a small child, and some laughing men, and returned to his sack – happily munching on said food items. Fish knocked on the door, it didn’t open, so he went around the back to a window. He spoke briefly to the occupants, who were less than pleased about his presence, and was told to come back later.

Meanwhile, Possum began his return to the main part of the city and happened upon young Dylan, still asleep in the field beside the (lady?), Possum awoke him gently with a “Dylan is that f#$%*#g you!?” followed by a short kick, a grunt, and the waking of said hero. They started again towards the town and found Fish standing outside a bar looking rather thoughtful. He explained to them what had happened, and then the doors opened. A few dice were rolled, and a spell was cast and eventually they found out about the boy and his “father” and managed to get the key from the bar-keep. They went upstairs, got into the room (despite it being blocked by a devilish chair) and saw a gagged boy and a man jumping out of a window. Possum threw a bomb, Fish threw a spear, and Dylan threw a spell. But they didn’t manage to catch him. Fish then took the boy to his sister and went to visit their abusive and alcoholic step-father, whom he promptly punched in the face and delivered the two orphans to Brother Jupiter who then put them into a training scheme which hadn’t previously existed.

Dylan and Possum however, followed the culprit who had rolled from the roof, tumbled, and then ran into the wilderness. Possum used his survival skill – having now replaced track – to try and find the bastard. Instead, they got mildly lost and subsequently wasted an hour and a half re-finding the tracks. Once they did, they left a marker for the others, and headed off into the wildness after the man. They found him, and killed him – he was basically dead anyway so there isn’t much need to tell it in detail, but he was cut up pretty bad… but suddenly, three howls caught their attention mid-looting. Savage dogs came out from the forest, baring teeth. But what was that? The sound of hoofs roared through the forest as our paladin Fish charged in from the forest at a most opportune moment, hacking a slashing at the beasts. Dylan and Possum weren’t going to let him take all the glory though, and so more bombs, and more spells were thrown, beasties were exploded, and dogs put to sleep.

The three trekked back to The Broken Oak to “explore” the room, particularly a chest which they had seen – that definitely needed to be “examined” further. After having collected their booty, the hero’s returned to their taverns and drank the night away.

So, what about this adventure that they’re meant to be on? Well, the very next day our heroes were called into the chamber of the council. They were told of six items of power that had to be collected and returned to crasp, so that a ritual might be performed in order protect the tree and quell the mountain. The council weren’t really of use though, as they didn’t know where these items might be. One of the council mentioned the druid Thyquin, the mayor did not appreciate this, and clutching his gold chain tightly, told them to ignore the ramblings of the crazy old coock! Shortly after they were dismissed, the general taking them to the training grounds to be given packs of goodies which would be of some use, and told them to head to the docks. As they were about to head off, a young woman dressed in furs and foliage came running across the grounds and asked the heroes to follow her. The party was a little cautious – quite rightly so – but Dylan seeing a scantily clad woman calling him into the forest thought it was a pretty good idea to go. And off they went, jogging – no wait, I meant briskly walking – through the terrain for many, many hours, until finally the smell of porridge drew them to an opening. Fish did not want to go in, Dylan bluffed him into it, and then Brother Jupiter called his bluff, it led to much debate as Possum decided to walk forth into the fray. He was the first to see the four posted structure, simple but elegant, perched at the edge of the cliff. A large eagle was spotted circling around, it began to descend, landing in front of Fish, it was a bloody big eagle, but it then began to morph, arms shrinking and legs and torso extending, until finally the druid Thyquin stood before them.

After a fairly smug laugh, he told them of the pirate Amos Trask, and their trip to Ragnarok. He told them of the Fang – their first item – and where they might start looking for it. And in the end he gave them his most prized possession, the petal from the beetle nut flower – said to bring the fallen back from the dead. He offered for them to stay, as they were tired and hungry, and so they did, eating their fill and sleeping on bearskin rugs by the fire. The next morning they began their journey down to the port city Tillious. The journey was long and treacherous. They were set upon by some greedy Gnolls whom they finished off rather quicker than I thought they would, but they didn’t come out unscathed. Some healing was finally needed, and so Brother Jupiter prayed to his god and healed their wounds. They continued on until they reached the port city, the night was cold, dark and stormy – Fish was awfully quiet as memories from that fateful night returned to him. They stopped at a bar to ask after Trask, and were told that he was about to set sail. They ran to the docks and found the man being accosted by three other sailors. Possum started to work out a plan involving exploding the wharf – Fish was less than impressed, but Possum told him about his knowledge engineering. Regardless, a battle commenced which lasted a single round, finishing with Amos cutting someone in half. The party mentioned Thyquin and a free journey, Amos mentioned the price, the party mentioned free, Amos mentioned the price, the party mentioned free, and finally Amos mentioned free but with work. Everyone seemed happy except for Possum but that’s because he was jealous of someone else’s knowledge check. And so the party left the island of Crasp, and headed for the frozen wastelands of Ragnarok, and so the story begins!



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